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With ONEO Shift, you can quickly transform a template or custom design site layout into an easily editable website – at a surprisingly low price.


B.O. (Before ONEO Shift)

In the past, website owners paid an unreasonably high price for backend developers to set up the admin interface behind their site.

When you setup a simple single page with a current content manager (e.g. WordPress), you will spend at least

8 hrs.

Modern Times

Now, you can ditch your backend developer and use ONEO Shift to get even better results at a fair price.

With ONEO Shift, you only need

1h work.

Editable content

may cost $1000 or more for a simple $10 template.

ONEO Shift

is free for developers and available to website owners for as low as $3.99/month.

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Affordable price,
fast and easy to use solution
for Users

For developers

With ONEO Shift software, you can quickly build a CMS behind your html code without hiring an expensive backend developer. Even better, it’s free for developers.


For website owners

With ONEO Shift, you can quickly transform your fixed website (new or existing) into an easily editable website. ONEO Shift makes it easy for you to keep your website up to date and change the content anytime without the need to call an IT guy.

for Investors

For investors

ONEO Shift revolutionizes website building: it automatically builds a CMS behind any kind of website.

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