For developers

As a frontend developer, you probably know that, in most cases, involving a backend developer costs more than your profit on a project.

With ONEO Shift, you can expand your business and earn more on each of your projects.

ONEO Shift enables you to easily build a content-editing framework around your website, so you don’t need to hire an expensive backend developer. You can learn to use our software by watching a few of our tutorials. Soon after that, you will be just a few clicks away from creating an admin interface in web view that will please your clients.

As a developer, you can use our software for free.

If you are interested, please click on the sign up button in the navbar menu. We will let you know when ONEO Shift goes public and you can start using our software. As early adopters, you and your clients will enjoy further benefits. You will find more details in the reply e-mail.

As a backend developer, you can also benefit from our product. Try our software and consider the time-savings you can achieve on developing frameworks with ONEO Shift.

For website owners

Do you need an editable website quickly and at an affordable price?
ONEO Shift is your solution.

Have you selected the layout for your new website, but you find developer’s work too costly?

Or perhaps, you have an existing page, but you are struggling to reach out to your IT guy who works at a high price anyway?

Do you want to refresh your website content anytime to keep it updated? And do you want to get all these features at an affordable price?

You have just found what you are looking for.

By using ONEO Shift, your website will turn into an interactive custom editable interface. You just right click on your website and start editing it (just like a document or a presentation) without the need to have any specific IT knowledge.

For investors

We worked for several years on the content management system (CMS) that is integrated into our product. This CMS has been used by many major companies in Hungary (such as Törley Pezsgőpincészet, Prémium Pénztárak, Milupa Hungary). Our customers appreciate the freedom that ONEO Shift gives to them.

After we came up with the concept of a CMS builder software, ONEO Shift, we incorporated our company in 2018.

Based on feedback and our vision, our product will be a cornerstone in the history of web development. We are developing an uncontested market space, where there is ample opportunity for growth that is profitable and rapid. With our Blue Ocean Strategy, ONEO can add value and reduce price at the same time. Meanwhile, the target group’s profit also increases.

If you see an opportunity in us or you are interested in our product, we are happy to provide you with our one pager or introduce ourselves in a pitch or a meeting where we can explain to you in detail our business strategy, business model and financial plans.


If you would like to be among the first to try the ONEO_Shift editor sign up!